Moka's division of medical equipment services guarantees you peak performance and a higher uptime when it comes to your medical equipment. Proactively keep systems technically up-to-date, Optimize for better output and availability, Concentrate on what matters most – delivering the highest quality care.

95 % UP TIME

Minimize Equipment downtime, patient diversion, and needless maintenance costs. Extend the performance of your equipment.

Preventive Maintance

PMS is to prevent major breakdowns in a machine. By giving regular PMS we can avoid frequent breakdowns in a machine

Breakdown Calls

By alloting FIN (Field Incident Numbers) numbers for all breakdown calls, and are timely monitored by service heads of the company.

Services We offer

We Service all kinds of Medcial equipments, both card as well as component level..


Our biomedical service solutions can scale from handling the repair and service needs of a single department up to the needs of an entire facility. With us, you have the flexibility to choose the right service level for your facility.


We Provider services for medical printed circuit board repair(PCB Repair), Refurbishments & Maintenance in the ability to repair virtually any medical equipments or Printed Circuit Board (PCB)with an experience of 25 years and above.


A team with the proven capability to service electronic and electro-mechanical medical devices. Our in-house engineering team have experience in servicing of medical devices, diagnostic and scientific instruments with electronic and electro-mechanical elements, providing functions from simple monitoring to sophisticated control and communication facilities.


With a dedicated team of expert component level repairers at our disposal, we can repair almost anything. Whilst other companies are only able to replace complete circuit boards, we can diagnose the fault right down to the component level, repair and test the effected parts within a much shorter time frame. This results in a cleaner, less wasteful and faster process.